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Who doesn't love a house plant? That's right, no one. The very best way to liven up your house, or turn your flat into an indoor jungle. And let's face it - none of us can afford a garden these days, so the indoor jungle really is the only way to scratch that green itch. 

Our very own Pop-Up Plant Shop provides an ever-changing, eclectic range of succulents, cacti and houseplants - the weirder and more wonderful the better. So, whether you're after the tiniest of Tephrocactus or the most monstrous of Monsteras - we'll have it. Or if we don't, we can get it for you. 

We're now popping up almost daily across London, at everything from weekend markets and specialist events, to large scale offices and co-working spaces... 



We run a unique service bringing our Pop-Up Plant Shop to office spaces - delivering greenery direct to your desk! We have appeared in over 50 London offices and co-working spaces, with regular clients including WeWork, Republic & LAH. 

We're completely self-reliant, straightforward and free of charge - aiming to be as little work for you as possible. We simply arrive at your workspace, set up our plant shop and sell directly to your employees, tenants or members. It is guaranteed to create a buzz in the building and brighten up peoples day. 


Specialising in plants which flourish in an office environment, and supported by our own experience of working with some of London's busiest reception desks, we know we can tailor a service that's perfect for your building. Oh, and plants are scientifically proven to improve productivity at work by 15%, in case you needed any more excuses to have us... 

So, whether you'd like us to pop up at your office, event or marketplace, just email us at and we will be very happy to fulfil all your green needs.  

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