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Cambridge Social Ventures + Clobber & Sprout

We are beyond excited to have been accepted onto the Cambridge Social Ventures startup incubator!

Following a tough selection process, Clobber & Sprout will begin the next chapter in our sustainable fashion mission with Cambridge Social Ventures in Spring 2021. In their own words, CSV's incubator is "designed for people who will drive their businesses forward to create real, scalable, lasting social or environmental change."

We're over the moon to be following in the footsteps of amazing, sustainable fashion startups such as Thrift+ with CSV, and can't wait to get going. We're joining 14 other socially-minded startups, and we're excited to see how everyone progresses through the programme!

The incubator will involve mentorship from some of the industry's best minds. We're extremely grateful to all of our customers and advisers for getting us this far and are committed to making the most of this opportunity.

Most importantly, we are very grateful to the team at Cambridge Social Ventures for believing in us, and recognising how important sustainable fashion startups have become in the battle to #fightfastfashion.

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