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Building a Sustainable Fashion Start-Up

Fast fashion is fuelling an environmental disaster, and we believe the solution to this problem lies in clothing re-use and rental. Fashion is, at a conservative estimate, the 6th biggest polluting industry in the world. 5,000 gallons of water are needed to make 1 pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Of the 100 billion pieces of clothing produced each year, each is worn just a handful of times, and most end up in landfill. We aim to reshape our customers’ relationships with fashion.

For the hugely increasing number of consumers who want to make more sustainable fashion choices, vintage clothing should be the perfect alternative. However, they currently face two key problems; buying vintage clothing is too complicated and too expensive.

Physical retailers are limited to a fragmented network of vintage stores and charity shops, which are time consuming to buy from, requiring the customer to trawl through countless rails. Online personal styling services designed to make shopping easier are limited to new high-street or designer clothes.

Customers also have to pay far more than necessary for vintage clothing, due to the overheads incurred by physical stores.

Here at Clobber & Sprout we're dedicated to solving these issues, offering our customers personally styled, great value vintage clothing. We'd love your feedback!

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