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Desk space looking a little bare? Fancy increasing your productivity at work by 15%*? We run a unique service bringing our Pop Up Plant Shop to office spaces, providing greenery direct to your desk! Specialising in plant species which flourish in an office environment, and using our wealth of experience gained from working at some of London's busiest reception desks, we can tailor a service that's the perfect fit for your building. Get in touch using the link below for more information and to book a Pop Up Plant Shop.

"We were delighted to have Clobber & Sprout on site with us here at One Stratford Place! Alice and Sam had such a great energy and their flowers and plants were so fresh. They were a hit with our tenants and we can't wait to have them on site again!" Charlotte, One Stratford Place

"It was so refreshing to have Clobber & Sprout on site with us at Aldgate House. They created a lovely buzz in our reception area - everyone was coming down to have a peek and purchase a plant goodie. They were most definitely a hit and we can't wait to have them back soon!" Isabella, Aldgate House

*Plants do this! Also they look pretty!

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